Donald Trump Utah Capitol

4 Reasons I voted for 4 more years

Here’s 4 reasons why I support President Trump and voted to give him 4 more years:

1. He has dismantled the regulatory state. He has overdelivered on his promise to eliminate two regulations for every new one added. This has lifted a burden off American businesses and helped create economic growth.

As governor, I will make sure we have low regulation and free markets in Utah so we can continue to be a leader in building innovative businesses and creating high-paying jobs.

2. He delivered on a tax cut. Again, reducing the burden on American families and businesses and helping create economic growth.

I was a leader in the fight against the recent tax increases in Utah and as governor I will continue to fight to let you keep more of your money.

3. He has appointed quality, originalist judges.

We need to appoint the same caliber of judges in Utah. And not just judges. The governor has the power to appoint hundreds of positions. I’ll make sure we get the best people.

4. He listened to Utahns on public lands and came to our state to reduce the size of the huge National Monuments unilaterally declared by Presidents Obama and Clinton. A big win for the good people who live near the monuments.

Rural Utah needs a fighter in their corner. I will be that fighter. I will join forces with our federal delegation to push back against federal overreach.