Jeff Burningham For Governor.

Game-changing leadership for Utah.

Jeff will bring to the Governor’s office, the track record of a job-creating entrepreneur, the mindset of an innovative outsider with a smart plan for the decade ahead, and the heart and soul to uphold this state’s conservative way of life.


Meet Jeff.

Since his early life and throughout his career, Jeff Burningham has been an innovator and entrepreneur, and has always been drawn to tackling big problems and building high-performing teams. He has demonstrated a knack for sensing what’s around the corner and capturing opportunities.

Jeff’s always been a hard worker. In high school, he was the valedictorian of his class, in addition to being student body president and captain of the football and basketball teams.

While a student at BYU, Jeff founded his first tech start-up with a classmate. He needed a desk to work at so he bought a rickety coffee table from DI and set it up in his student apartment. (It collapsed at least once a day while in use.) His wife Sally’s second grade teacher salary covered the fledgling company’s expenses.

Jeff and his partner won an award for entrepreneurship and, in just two and a half years, built their technology company into a profitable enterprise with more than 20 employees. Not long after graduation, they sold to a NASDAQ-listed company where Jeff stayed on in a key leadership position for several years.

Jeff next began investing in real estate. By 2006, he could see that the housing market was unsustainable and pulled out of the real estate market before the bubble burst.

After the market crash in 2008, Jeff teamed up with two new partners to get back into real estate investment. They did so during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression --- because they were confident in the future. The first years were a struggle, and success was far from certain but, with skill and grit, these young investors confidently shepherded their fledgling company through the tough times to prosperity.

Their firm has now grown to include over 500 team members. Together, they have delivered affordable housing to tens of thousands of families.

Job-creating entrepreneur.

Seeing new opportunities on the horizon, Jeff and his partners decided to reinvest and, along with another young entrepreneur — and an eye to our state’s future — established Utah County’s first institutional venture capital firm to begin investing in the cutting edge of tech innovation technology start-ups.

Jeff and his partners understood that an adequate supply of venture capital was the missing piece in Utah’s economy-in-waiting. And having experienced first-hand the difficulty entrepreneurs face in obtaining capital, they identified the best start-up teams with the most promising ideas and provided the necessary funding to get their new companies off the ground. In the decade since, Jeff and his partners have invested $40M and mentored 40+ start-ups along the Wasatch front, supporting these entrepreneurs in creating more than 4,000 jobs to date.

Why Jeff is Running for Governor.

Utah is uniquely positioned to step onto the world stage. To seize this opportunity, Jeff believes we need to bring new thinking to government. That’s why Jeff is running. He’s an innovative outsider who is ready to bring game-changing leadership to capture the once-in-a-generation opportunity before us.

We live in a rapidly-changing world, and Jeff believes that our state government needs to adapt to those changes. It’s time to challenge the inertia of bureaucracy, and bring new ways of thinking to government.

The campaign for Utah’s next Governor isn’t about yesterday’s ideas, or today’s status quo. It’s all about tomorrow’s opportunity.

Jeff has been in the trenches and understands that it’s not the government, but the people of Utah, who’ve built the most diversified economy in the country, the second-fastest-growing tech sector, and made Utah the best state for upward mobility.

Jeff’s track record as a game-changing leader sets him apart from other candidates. He’s an experienced job-creating entrepreneur. He has the mindset of an innovative outsider. He’s committed to upholding this state’s conservative way of life. And he’s working with Utahns to develop a smart plan for the decade ahead.

Early Life.

Jeff grew up in Spokane, Washington, the oldest of 6 children in a family of modest means. He’s been an entrepreneur since junior high. At thirteen, he started his own carpet-cleaning business in order to pay for basketball shoes, camps and travel tournaments. He borrowed money from his parents to buy a carpet cleaner, and then went to work convincing elementary schools, dentist offices, and anyone else he could find to let him clean their carpets. His promise: “I’ll do as good a job as anyone else, and I’ll do it for less.”

Through it all, his experiences instilled in him the same values found in Utah’s conservative way of life – personal responsibility, free enterprise, and limited government.


Jeff met his wife, Sally, at BYU and they have lived in Provo for over 20 years. With their four children Dallin (18), Truman (15), Claire (13), and James (8), they enjoy wake-surfing at Pineview and Deer Creek, skiing in Utah’s beautiful mountains, playing pickleball and basketball, traveling, mountain biking, and enjoying all the outdoor recreation our great state has to offer.

Jeff has been involved in various volunteer capacities. He has been a board member for five nonprofits and has enjoyed coaching his kid’s football, basketball and soccer teams. He has also served in various capacities in his church.

Always interested in his community and state, Jeff has been an active participant in his local Republican caucus meetings and has served as a precinct chair.

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