Deseret News: Jeff Burningham, Utah governor candidate: ‘It’s time to bring game-changing leadership to Utah’

“Therefore, What?” is a podcast that breaks down the news while breaking down barriers, challenges you and the status quo, explores timely topics and timeless principles, and leaves you confident to face what’s next. I’m Boyd Matheson, opinion editor for the Deseret News, and this is “Therefore, What?”

Boyd Matheson: Very excited today to be joined by the newest entrant into the governor’s race, Jeff Burningham.

Jeff Burningham: Thanks, Boyd, for having me on.

BM: So obviously a big day for you, a lot of things going on as you’ve laid out a vision. A lot of people in the state of Utah don’t know you super well, other than your business experience. So, why do this and what’s the vision?

JB: Yeah, we’re at a critical juncture here in Utah right now. It’s an important time. And I believe that it’s time to bring game-changing leadership to Utah. Utah is poised to step onto the world stage, to shape our own destiny in a way that hasn’t been possible before. But in order to do that, we need an innovative outsider a job-creating entrepreneur, to capture this moment, and I’m excited about that opportunity.

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