The Issues.

Game-changing leadership means bringing new thinking to government to get government out of your way. It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road. Utah’s future is limitless. But we have to do the right things, right now. Keep reading below to learn more about where Republican Jeff Burningham stands on the issues.

Game-changing leadership

What is game-changing leadership?

Game-changing leaders think big. They’re always on the lookout for breakthrough opportunities and they make good fortune count.

Today, Utah has a breakthrough opportunity. Among other advantages, we have the most diversified economy in the country, the second-fastest growing tech sector, the youngest demographic, the best state for upward mobility, beautiful recreation areas, and rich lands and natural resources.

Our state is ready to step onto the world stage! To seize this opportunity, we need to do the right things — right now.

Change the way our state government thinks. The private sector is on the verge of making self-driving cars a reality but government still makes us stand in line for hours just to renew a driver’s license. Politicians largely operate within the status quo; they are enablers of the systems that made them. But entrepreneurs drive and embrace progress; they are disruptors who make bigger things possible. Utah needs to elect an innovative outsider to introduce new thinking in government.

Serve constituents in a new, better way. The private sector continually innovates to delight customers with less expensive, better-than-expected service. But big government operates in slow, linear bureaucracies. It’s time to get government out of the way, cut waste, and work to eliminate the hassles that people have come to expect from the public sector.

It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road for political gain. Utah needs bold leadership, no matter the political cost. Game-changing leadership is focused on doing the right things right now — not on winning re-election.

Utah is going places. Let’s set a new standard for modern, conservative government and unleash the economic power of exponential innovation.

That is game-changing.

Principles - Conservative Values

Game-changing leadership means getting government out of your way.

Government’s role is to protect our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government should not interfere in our lives except to protect our rights and assure public health and safety. Government should be as small and efficient as possible. I am a pro-life, limited-government conservative. I trust the people of Utah, not government. Most decisions should be made at the individual or local level.

Small government and light regulation unleash innovation and pave the way for unprecedented economic strength.

Game-changing leadership means acting now to modernize our education system to prepare our kids for the jobs that exist and those that are coming.

Parents and teachers know best what each child needs. It’s time to empower parents to choose the best education path for their child, and unshackle teachers from top-down mandates so they can do what they do best: teach.

Education should be handled at the state and local level and should be free from federal influence.

Game-changing leadership means recognizing that it’s not government policies, but the people of Utah who’ve built this strong economy. Government doesn’t create jobs. People do.

The government should not pick winners and losers. It’s time to eliminate unnecessary and onerous occupational licensing laws. We should keep taxes low and easy to administer.

Economic strength will make Utah less reliant on the federal government.

Game-changing leadership means gaining greater access to our lands and natural resources. They are the foundation of our economy. Innovation and technological advances allow us to access our lands and natural resources in a responsible way, while leaving the land better than we found it.

Nobody loves Utah’s lands more than Utahns. We can access our abundant resources, enjoy recreation and hunting, allow for agriculture use, all while preserving our pristine landscapes.

Utah will realize its full potential when we manage our own lands and allow for responsible multiple use. It’s time to strengthen our rural economies and unlock our State Institutional Trust Lands, which were set aside to provide education funding for Utah’s school children.

Game-changing leadership means having a plan.

Many areas of Utah have experienced rapid growth and will continue to grow. Our entrepreneurs and industrious workforce are building a thriving, modern economy. Job creation far exceeds the available supply of workers. People are moving to Utah because we have thousands of unfilled jobs for the taking. Our kids are graduating and want to stay here because of the opportunities that exist.

But there are challenges that come with our growth. Young and lower-income families are being priced out of the housing market. We see more homelessness. Our roads and highways are congested. Wages aren’t keeping up with the rising cost of living.

Government should stop incentivizing artificial growth and focus instead on planning for the challenges of organic growth.

To accommodate a growing population, Utah needs to develop a smart plan to address traffic, housing, affordability, water, and other needs. To avoid the fate of San Francisco and Seattle, our great state needs leaders who understand these issues. I do.

I don’t have to rely on complicated policy papers or expensive consultants to explain the economic impacts of inadequate infrastructure or to suggest practical solutions. I have first-hand experience dealing with the economic impact of these issues. I’ve been building businesses in Utah for 20 years. Infrastructure challenges are not theoretical for me.

Infrastructure planning is critical to maintaining our quality of life. We need to look ahead and plan 10, 20, 30, and 50 years into the future. That would be game-changing.

Utah should be the best place for families to grow and prosper. I want Utah to be a safe and healthy place for generations to come. I’ll seek innovative ways to address air quality, homelessness, and affordability.

Scientific and technological advances are bringing previously unimaginable solutions within reach. In recent breakthroughs, scientists have genetically engineered bacteria that eat plastic and turn it into water; others have engineered a microorganism that eats sugar and excretes diesel fuel; and NASA pioneered a process for transforming carbon dioxide into a nutritious protein powder to feed astronauts in space. Innovators who can solve problems like these can solve pollution on the Wasatch front, and a whole host of quality-of-life issues.

We live in a world of tremendous possibility. There are, or soon will be, game-changing solutions to many of our most intractable problems. The key to finding these solutions is to get government out of the way, gain access to our lands and natural resources, and keep our economy revving to generate abundant capital for innovators.

We absolutely do not have a revenue problem in Utah.

Here’s a simple but game-changing idea: before imposing new taxes on the people of Utah, let’s do a top-to-bottom review of government and cut waste. Then we’ll know how much revenue we actually need.

State government spending does not need to grow at the same rate as our economy. We can find ways to be more efficient with tax dollars.

Low taxes encourage businesses to grow and allow Utahns to keep more of their hard-earned money.

I am pro-life and believe strongly in protecting the rights of the unborn.

I am a gun owner and support the second amendment.

I believe that people should be able to live their lives as they see fit, without unnecessary government intrusion.

I will represent all Utahns because we are one Utah — no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, or creed.

I support religious freedom and other First Amendment rights such as free speech and freedom of association.

Game changing leadership in healthcare is removing government from the relationship between doctors and patients. The government doesn’t know what healthcare is best for Utahns because they and their doctors can make the best medical decisions for the best outcomes. 

We must allow and encourage greater access to better care through choice and competition. 

Game changing leadership is applying market principles like price transparency to our healthcare system. A patient should know exactly what each procedure costs at each hospital so that they can make the healthcare decisions that make the most sense. 

Utah must pull power back from the federal government and be given the flexibility to best meet the healthcare needs of all Utahns. 

The federal government is dysfunctional. It can’t even adopt and implement sensible immigration policy, one of its core functions. This is due, in part, to the fact that the federal government does too much.

Local control is always better than federal mismanagement. Even in federal matters, like immigration, public policy would be improved by deferring certain questions to the states.

Here’s a game-changing immigration idea: Each state should tell the federal government how many guest-worker visas it needs each year. Utah knows better than Washington DC how many seasonal workers we need. If the states set the number of visas, available jobs would be filled legally and there would be no magnet drawing people across the border illegally.

The status quo is clearly not working.

Weigh in.

Jeff wants to hear your game-changing ideas! Together, we’ll take Utah to the next level.

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