KSL Radio: Jeff on Dave and Dujanovic

Jeff Burningham joined Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic in studio to discuss tax reform.

Jeff congratulated the referendum supporters for defeating the December tax reform bill.

“This is grassroots Utah at its best. It’s an exciting day for the people of Utah. Our voices have been heard.”

“We need a politically unentangled leader. Someone that’s ready to take on education reform, budget issues, all the issues we’re facing right no.”

When asked what he would do, Jeff responded: “The people of Utah, the entrepreneurs of this state, have ensured we don’t have a revenue problem. We may have a spending problem. The first thing I would do as Governor is do a top-to-bottom review of spending and find areas we can save money.”

Listen to the full segment (starting at about 35:00)