As you know, a group of Utah lawmakers has been working on a major tax overhaul plan that includes a number of tax hikes.

But we should not increase any taxes until we complete a top-to-bottom review of government and eliminate all unnecessary spending.

State spending has increased 30% in 5 years. How many Utahns have had a 30% wage increase in the past 5 years? This spending trajectory is unsustainable.

Just because general fund revenue isn’t increasing as fast as state government would like to spend it doesn’t mean we need to raise taxes. But a group of lawmakers is proposing to do just that.

Although they’re recommending an income tax cut, the plan also includes new taxes on some services, diesel fuel and gasoline, and an increase of the food tax from 1.75% to 4.85%. There are also talks about allowing local school districts to raise property taxes without a public hearing.

For more info on my thoughts, check out the piece I wrote for Deseret News.

This is a crucial issue for our state and I’m happy to lead out on discussing the impacts of these proposals. Will you help me send a message that Utahns are tired of tax increases? Add your name below and let's make sure Utah leads the way on fiscal conservatism.

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Some Utah lawmakers want to implement new taxes on services and increase the sales tax on food. Add your name and send a message that we're done with tax increases!

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