Utah Policy: Burningham launches radio ad campaign targeting rural Utah voters

“Too often, career politicians focus all their attention on the Wasatch front. But here in rural Utah, the heavy hand of government hinders our way of life,” says the narrator in the spot, making a specific appeal to rural voters.

“He doesn’t come from wealth or privilege. Jeff is a self-made businessman who started with nothing,” continues the commercial, taking what seems to be a thinly veiled shot at former Gov. Jon Huntsman, who is widely expected to make another run for the governor’s mansion next year.

The radio ad buy seems a bit early, given that the 2019 election just ended this week. Burningham’s campaign manager Adrielle Herring says they decided not to waste any time waiting to go on the air.

“It’s important that Utah voters have the information they need to make an informed decision when choosing our next governor,” she said.

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